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Preston Cleaners is family owned and operated.  We maintain the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

We invite you to come and see for yourself why customers trust Preston Cleaners with their garments and choose to return regularly. 

Same Day Service

Bring in your clothes by 9 in the morning and get your clothes back the same day at 5.  If you are in a rush and need it sooner, just let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.


We do our part to help the environment.  If you have any extra clothes hangers, bring them by and we will recycle them for you.  

If you have any extra unworn clothes, bring them by and we can also drop them off at local charities.

Alterations and Tailoring

We can help you with any major or minor alterations or tailoring you need done.  We can help with shirts, pants, jackets and dresses with zippers, buttons, length and cuffs.  Whatever you need done we can help you look your best and make everything fit right.

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